Generous Churches Film Festival

What if two hours of your time could result in dramatically increased generosity at your church?

What if just two hours invested next week could bring you ideas that you could use in your services the very next weekend?

It can.  Next Tuesday, in fact.  At 1pm Eastern.

In two hours, you’ll learn what some of the leading churches in the country are doing to increase giving, volunteering, and stewardship at their churches.

You’ll get ideas.

You’ll learn strategies.

You’ll see how simple it can be to do little things that can help your people be more generous.

Like this short video from Sagebrush Church in Albuquerque, NM. It was used as the starting point for a sermon series on generosity…

Thrivent Financial and Leadership Network are proud to present our first-ever Generosity Film Festival this Tuesday, May 19 starting at 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific).  We’ll look at the best generosity short-form videos in the following areas:

  • Capital Campaigns/Giving Initiatives
  • Special Projects
  • Sermon Support
  • Promos for Financial Peace University, Crown or other stewardship offerings
  • “Thank You for Giving” pieces

As with all of our Leadership Network online events, this  online two-hour event is totally FREE for you and your staff.  In fact, you’ll get to vote on your favorite generosity video… and your vote could earn the winning church a cash reward to further help them with their future generosity efforts!

Register now for this free online event.  You won’t want to miss it.

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