The Connection Between Generosity and the Gospel

globeondollarsTruth be told, God doesn’t need our money. He is self sufficient but He knows that our orientation toward money is also an indicator of our faith in Him. When we act in ways that are consistent with our commitment to Christ, a watching world notices. What will they see in you?

As followers of Christ, our primary goal in life is to fulfill the Great Commission by being witnesses and ambassadors of Christ until His return. But do we realize that generosity is a great tool to help advance God’s Kingdom? Let me show you some simple steps to see how generosity can pave the way for evangelism.

Due to the recent economic crises, many people ask, “Is there more to life than just money and possessions?” When they see the church acting generously to serve others despite all the hardships, they are bound to ask questions. What a great opportunity to share about Christ, who generously gave his life and all that He had on the cross, that we might find life forever!

As we live generously, skeptics and cynics will find it nearly impossible to find fault with genuine acts of generosity that reveal how our hearts have been set free from our love for money and things. When we give for the benefit of the Kingdom, to serve others in love without an expectation of something in return, it gives them something to think and talk about.

Far from being a stumbling block to people, money can actually be a conduit, a connecting bridge to people outside the church. Generosity is the new evangelism. How are you living it out to reflect the generous love on the cross?

Excerpted from “Contagious Generosity” by Chris Willard and Jim Sheppard, Zondervan, 2012.

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